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 Local info
 Country  United States
 State  Illinois
 County  Clark
 Area  2.16 mi2
 Population  2,752 (2013)
 Coordinates  39.2992ºN, 87.9925ºW
 Time Zone  Central
 ZIP Code  62420

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Business Incentives

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City of Casey Business Incentives


We appreciate your participation and the commitment of our businesses to our community.
Please direct all questions/concerns to the Economic Development Office, 217.330.5507



Business Improvement Grant

Maximum Funds: up to $2,500 in matching funds, the business must provide at least 50% of project funding

Funding Disbursement: 75% of grant disbursed to grantee upon project approval, 25% disbursed following successful completion


  • For-Profit Business
  • Eligible Project
  • Vested in Building
  • At least 50% matching funds
  • Application
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Drawings

Reporting: On a quarterly basis of the grant period, with the assistance of the Economic Development Director

Business Utility Grant

Maximum Funds: up to $2,500 applied directly to the business utility account

Funding Disbursement: 25% of grant applied to gas and/or electric account/s one month following project approval, 75% applied following successful completion


  • For-Profit Business
  • Good Standing w/ Utility Dept.
  • Eligible Project
  • Vested in Building
  • Application
  • Project Plan


Reporting: On a quarterly basis of the grant period, with the assistance of the Economic Development Director

*Please Note: In order to qualify for a City of Casey Business Improvement Grant, a business must have an eligible project, be vested in its building and provide at least 50% in matching funds. 75% of the grant will be made available to the grantee upon grant approval and project commencement. The Committee will require quarterly progress updates which may include site visits. Upon the successful completion of the project, the remainder of the grant will be awarded to the grantee.

**In order to qualify for the City of Casey Utility Grant, a business must be a City utility customer current and in good standing with the City of Casey Utility Department, with an eligible business project. All grants will be applied directly to the business utility account for gas and/or electric. Grantees will still receive a monthly utility bill during the applied grant period for water, sewer, and sanitation. 25% of the grant will be applied to the next month’s utility bill upon grant approval and project commencement. The Committee will require quarterly progress updates which may include site visits. Upon the successful completion of the project, the remainder of the grant will be applied to the utility bill.

**The City of Casey does not accept applications from in-home businesses. All applicants must be inside city limits.

The Committee reserves the right to revoke a grant if no project progress is seen in the first quarter, or after 90 days, whichever is longer. Applications will be reviewed by the Economic Development Committee and awarded on a first come/first serve basis. The City of Casey reserves the right to award a partial grant and to accept or reject any applications. If you have any questions, please contact the Economic Development Office at 217.330.5507, or P.O. Box 425 in Casey.


Revitalization Grant 

The program is designed for any property owner who is building a new residence or business, or demo’san existing structure or clears a burnt structure. The structure needs to be cleared of debris, leveled and seeded and/or replaced. The incentive provides up to $500 for waste disposal fees for demolition or construction waste. The fee will be rebated by way of a grant as approved by the City of Casey Economic Development Committee. If approved, this grant will provide $500 in disposal fees for any demolition or to rehabilitate a structure that is causing a hazard.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: The property/structure must and in such a condition that renovation is not appropriate. This could be, but is not limited to, non-conforming uses, lot size issues or major structural faults. All structures written on application must be cleared of debris, leveled and seeded and/or replaced at the time of the demolition of the primary structure or approval from the Economic Development Committee.


a)The applicant must be the registered owner of the property. An agent may act on behalf of the applicant with required authorization.

b)Applications shall be submitted on forms provided and supported by documentation as required by the Cityof Casey. All applications for assistance under this program will be considered subject to the availability of funding.

c)The properties must be located within the Casey City limits.

d)Realty taxes, service fees and utilities paid to the City of City must be paid current on all propertiesowned by the applicant at the time of the application and throughout the development process.

e)Property owners who have previously defaulted under any City of Casey programs will not be eligible.

f)The City of Casey may discontinue the program at any time; however, any participants in the programprior to its discontinuation will continue to receive the grants approved prior to discontinuation.

g)The applicant must provide a definite demolition start date and demolition must be complete within 12months of the incentive approval.

h)All fees etc. must be paid first. Grant money will be reimbursed with acceptable receipts.

i)The City retains the right to assess the reasonableness of costs and which costs are eligible under the termsof the program.

j)Expenses incurred for other properties are not eligible expenses.


Community Grant 

How To Apply

1. Obtain an application from the Economic Development Office. 
2. The community grant max award is $500.00 per City Fiscal Year ( May 1 - April 30)
3. Fully complete the application along with any other pertinent documents to the Economic Development
Office located at 101 W. Alabama. Casey, IL 62420.
4. Carefully address the evaluation criteria.
5. The Committee should receive the application sixty (60) days prior-to the planned event date when
possible. Any application received later than 60 days may be tabled until the next meeting. It is
mutually advantageous to have the application acted upon up to six (6) months prior to the planned
event date.
6. A representative from the sponsoring group applying for the funds MUST attend the application
review at the City Council Meeting.
7. Submit evidence seeking additional funding sources, such as foundations, sponsors, matching grant
programs, Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, Illinois Bureau of Tourism, etc.
8. Applicants must make an appointment with the Economic Development Director prior to submitting the
application for evaluation of the application. Applicants can expect this to be a 10-15 minutes.

Evaluation Criteria

Grant application for the City of Casey event fund shall be evaluated primarily on the following
1. The event compliments the best interest of the Casey Community.
2. The event or donation sought must occur within the city limits of Casey.
3. Provides economic opportunities for Casey Businesses.
4. Be proposed by an organization (or individuals) that has/have an established history of
successful accomplishments.
5. Be innovative in the promotion of the Greater Casey Community.
6. Enhances the visual environment that results in lasting positive impressions of the

Clark County Enterprise Zone 

The Clark County Enterprise Zone was established on July I, 1990. An enterprise zone is a specific area designated by the State of Illinois in cooperation with a local government to receive various tax incentives and other benefits to stimulate economic activity. A business wanting to expand or locate within the Clark County Enterprise Zone could be eligible for local incentives including a sales tax exemption on building materials and a property tax abatement on the improvements.

Casey's Enterprise Zone covers much of the western portion of the community, including a significant portion of both sides of Central and several of our industrial areas.

Incentives that may be available to businesses building or doing renovation projects in the Enterprise Zone include the following:

  • Sales Tax Exemption on Building Materials - Building materials that are eligible for the enterprise zone sales tax exemption includes items purchased in Illinois that are permanently affixed to real property such as lumber, mortar, glue-down carpets, paint, wallpaper and similar affixed items.
  • Property Tax Abatement - the abatement applies only to taxes on the increase in assessed value attributable to the new construction, renovation, or rehabilitation. Taxes based on the assessed value of land and existing improvements continue to be collected. The property tax abatement is approximately an 85% abatement on improvements (not all taxing bodies participate such as Fire District, Townships, Park District, etc.) for the first 5- year upon completion. In the 6th year, owner pays 25%, 7th year owner pays 50%, 8th year owner pays 75% and the 9th year owner pays 100%.

Please note that the Enterprise Zone Administrator must approve all applications before a project begins in order to qualify for the incentives. We have applied for renewal of our zone - please be patient during this time as incentives may not be available. 

The Enterprise Zone application can be found here: Application and returned to Enterprise Zone Administrator Nancy Smitley in Marshall.

More about the Clark County Enterprise Zone : 

In these increasingly competitive and global times, it becomes ever more important that communities working to attract, expand and grow a business from within are able to offer value and savings to companies.

Business incentives are one of the ways in which communities make themselves competitive in the market, in addition to facilitating strong financial industries, business services and a high quality of life.

Did you know that Clark County has a value-added program for businesses looking to make improvements to property?

The Clark County Enterprise Zone has been in place since 1990 and includes the area in the following communities: Casey, Clark Center, Marshall, Martinsville, Westfield and West Union. The point of the Enterprise Zone is to stimulate economic growth in specific areas (chosen in conjunction with the State) by offering tax incentives to businesses which build or improve property therein.

This means that if a business locates or renovates a building in the Enterprise Zone, they could be eligible for incentives that would not be available anywhere else. These incentives are both related to taxes.

The first is a sales tax exemption on permanent building materials, including items that are affixed to real property such as lumber, mortar, glue-down carpets, paint, wallpaper and similarly attached items. This exemption is only available on items purchased in Illinois.

The second is a property tax abatement applied to taxes on the increased in assessed value which can be attributed to new construction, renovation or rehabilitation. The pre-existing property tax level is not affected, and taxes based on the assessed value of land continue to be collected, but the property tax abatement is approximately an 85% abatement on the improved value for the first 5 years upon completion. Afterwards, the incentive is tiered: in the sixth year the owner pays 25%, in the seventh year the owner pays 50%, in the eighth year the owner pays 75%, and in the ninth year the incentive ends.

The idea behind these incentives is to jumpstart growth and give businesses investing in physical infrastructure assistance getting off the ground to create a strong foundation in our communities.

If you are interested in taking advantage of these incentives, the first step is finding out if your property or building is in the Enterprise Zone. Maps of the Zone for each community can be located at under the Economic Development link, then Clark County Enterprise Zones. The application can be found there as well, a relatively simple two-page form about your project which is then returned to the Enterprise Zone Administrator. Applicants can expect to receive approval or a request for further information within one week. Please note that approval must be received before the project begins to qualify for incentives.

The Clark County Enterprise Zone has been of significant value in stimulating business activity over the last several years, with 7 projects since October 2011 alone, accounting for the creation and retention of over 200 jobs in Clark County in that time period. There is currently a discussion in the Illinois legislature about whether or not to extend Enterprise Zones for an additional 25 years. These are the tools your communities use to create growth and level the playing field with other places. Incentives are invaluable resources that rural communities cannot afford to lose.

For more information on the Clark County Enterprise Zone, contact the Economic Development Office at (217) 330-5507 or , or the Administrator of the Clark County Enterprise Zone, Nancy Smitley, at (217) 826-8087, or visit